Live & Direct: An Interview W/ Danny Brown “The Hybrid” (Video)

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, that’s a fitting way to describe Danny Brown. The Detroit bred artist has been increasingly solidifying his place as one of the rawest rappers you’ve ever heard of rockin’ skinny jeans. Sans the flamboyant wardrobe selections, listeners will surely find him to be one of the grittiest MCs out, period. The image of the hockey player-esque grill he sports (he lost his two front teeth in an accident) indicate the aforementioned traits.

Ignoring the presence of Brown’s unique look and sound is next to impossible, thanks in part to his blunt persona, but mostly due to a credible caliber of music that smells of spirited street aura. Danny Brown has been sticking to his guns on the indie circuit for some time now and nearly inked a seemingly well suited deal with the infamous machine that is 50 Cent‘s G-Unit Records. Of his dealings with the Southside Jamaica, Queens mogul, Brown says that 50 opted out of the deal because of the way he wore his pants; fitted. Remaining true to self, the eccentric D-Town native never faltered in his fashions for the money and kept it movin’ down rap’s runway with his head held high. Despite the deal’s downfall, he and almost boss 50 are still cool to this day.

Brown is currently being managed by 10 Deep‘s creative director, branding specialist, and NY socialite Emeka Obi. Since the two have linked up Brown’s arrival has been noticed by the music community in our neck of the woods (NYC) and beyond, resulting in Danny finally signing his name on the dotted line with co-founder DJ A-Trak’s creative music house, Fool’s Gold Records. The move officially made Danny the very first rap act to be signed to the respected niche label. Any fan privy to his projects including “The Hybrid” or “Detroit State Of Mind” wouldn’t expect the rapper to land on an imprint like A-Trak’s. But that’s probably why he’s dubbed himself “The Hybrid”, a stand out style of MCing with such little chance of categorization that his music now lives in a house for DJs and rockers.

Always intrigued by the unconventional, Jungle Gym approached Danny guerilla style at this month’s Fool’s Gold store opening in Brooklyn, NY where he broke down his style of music and attire along with running down a few of his personal influences. Press play to brush up on all of the above plus the tale of the missing two front teeth. Enjoy!

Words By Logan Jean

Photos By Kinnison Cyrus


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