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How do you identify a graffiti artist? They live amongst us in everyday life, hitting the streets at night and living a normal life during the day. It was random how I met the Philly/New York native graffiti artist Sabio amongst a large crowd at the Alife Rivington Club for a local performance, quiet as kept in a corner eves dropping on my phone conversation about the A$AP Mob. I’ve seen his tags up around downtown NYC a lot, bombing with writers like Pixote, Sye 5, Rambo, Erasmo, Staino, Sefu and international heavy hitters like Finok, Stile and Horfe to name a few. Sabio told me that he was actually at the show for A$AP Ferg who he’s recently in talks about a possible collaboration. We exchanged info and from there it was history and this is how we got inside his studio.

A huge all white loft space with white washed plywood painted floors, large vibrant canvas paintings, a PS3, macbook, MPC and lots of paint. This is where Sabio gets his work done, a studio/gallery in the heart of Downtown NYC. As we glanced around at all of the paintings and work in progress, Sabio spoke about his life involving graffiti.  A Brazilian descent, Sabio grew up in the streets of Philly as a kid, around 9 years old he was first introduced to graffiti when a writer in his neighborhood tagged his house. “As i cleaned it off my house I wanted to find out what it meant, what it read, why did he do it” Sabio explained, he then told us he met the writer and learned that shit like that happens all the time in graffiti. Sabio grew up listening to hip hop, rhyming and producing beats, first being influenced by the B-boy movement within the inner city of Philadelphia. A humble graffiti writer who is in touch with his roots has never gotten into any graffiti beef or altercations, except for a time he recalls being brutalized by a gang of cops while bombing in Baltimore.

A New York resident for over 14 years, Sabio has become a very familiar name in the New York graffiti realm, his distinctive style is a mixture of Philly, Nyc and a Brazilian bombing style called “Pixação“. Aside from graffiti, Sab and his close friends have started
a creative entity under their original crew name T.W.D (Til We Die). With plenty of talent, they design and lead creative projects for companies that range from music videos, fashion, music production, design consultation and curating art shows. Sabio has also gotten into directing videos, the first one he did was “Adorable” for recording artist Trouble Andrew. Sab along with Dean Nicastro designed Trouble’s new snow boards. In the facility of his studio Sabio also does personal tattoo’s, inspired and lead by his man ‘Staino” with clients from Brooklyn’s recording artist Trevor Andrew and Muller St. Cyr to Dj/Producer Mini Destroy and Uptown’s A$AP Ferg. Sabio is busy collaborating and preparing for his first solo art show coming this Fall. We flicked up his large studio space and everything that made it, we even caught some of his work on route to his spot, see them below. Definitely be on the look out for work from this guy!

Words by Logan Jean

Photos by Zo Magic







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