Review: Phlo Finister – “Poster Girl” – EP

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Phlo Finister’s EP “Poster Girl” reveals the hidden behind the scenes of a true poster girl that lives the “fast life”. Lone-wolf from the age of 15, Oakland born/Los Angeles raised Elijah Finister released this EP last Friday with lyrics that sound as if they’re from the collection of memories of her life growing up while in L.A.

A seductive, soft voice lingers all over this EP; starting with “Hitta Lick” which describes Phlo’s love for being a hit-woman and all the things that come with it, but only in the end wanting her man to not worry about what she has done, and to “fuck her right”. This same pattern continues throughout the whole EP, for example on “Mod Dress” Phlo is a dope dealer proud of her product, but upset about the blood stains on her dress that came from one of her sniff-happy consumers.

Each track on Finister’s EP, she play’s a different role all in favor of living out a “Poster Girl”’s characteristics. Listen, and live vicariously through Phlo Finister.

-Words by India Henriquez

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