#FantasticVoyage – A SXSW Visual Diary by Jayne Lies

PageImage-493156-5016183-FV1NYC-based photographer Jayne Lies went on a #fantasticvoyage, road tripping from the city all the way down to SXSW in Texas with DJ/Producer Nick Hook, Fool’s Gold Girl Lindsay and Nick’s assistant Leon. They passed by NOLA to hang out for a day too. The photos are varied snap shots Lies captured with 35mm from backstage at Fool’s Gold parties, Boiler Room, Illmore, Fade to Mind parties, classic posse shots of rappers and some B-roll on the road. We picked some selects for you to enjoy. See the rest on her website Jayne Lies

PageImage-493156-5016279-FV4 PageImage-493156-5016437-SXSWfoolsjump3 PageImage-493156-5016439-SXSWillmoreTrakview PageImage-493156-5016455-SXSWillmorecrewluv PageImage-493156-5016518-SXSWcon PageImage-493156-5016575-SXSWillmoreFLOSS PageImage-493156-5017682-SXSWillmoreFerg PageImage-493156-5017687-SXSWspinCrowd PageImage-493156-5017688-SXSWspinKL PageImage-493156-5017710-SXSWatrakGLOSS PageImage-493156-5017723-SXSWBRua PageImage-493156-5017728-SXSWbackseat

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